About Heinrich Designs

Mark Schroeder
Mark Schroeder, founder & CEO of Heinrich Designs
My name is Mark Schroeder, founder, and CEO of Heinrich Designs. As the head of product design and development, I truly love taking any idea -big or small, and turning it into reality.
I have been working with wood and building furniture alongside my father since I was 7 in our garage back in Manitoba. At the age of 19, this hobby, and father bonding turned into a progressive professional career that has now lasted 2.5 decades. With the help of my hard-working crew, you will find our projects throughout Canada and as far as the private islands off the coast of Fiji.
My end goal is to make sure every person that walks through our doors with their ideas or mine, leaves with a smile on their face – every project, whether years in the making or something as simple as a cutting board for their loved one. I will always take pride and ownership in creating something unique and personal.

As a devoted father to my 12-year-old daughter, and husband to my beautiful wife -Nothing makes my life more meaningful than going home every day, feeling good about what I’ve done, and knowing my wife and family are proud.