Parametric Furniture & Designs

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Birch Parametric Chair

Parametric Chair. Laminated 15mm baltic birch exterior grade lacquer finish.

Parametric Bench by Heinrich Designs Calgary

Small Parametric Bench

Small parametric bench 17.5 mm baltic birch. Interior rubio finish. Steel rod and nuts.

Parametric Furniture Calgary

Large Parametric Bench

Made of 17.5mm Baltic birch, steel rods, and rose gold nuts. Finished with rubio exterior or interior grade clear finish. Can be painted any color or stain.

Epoxy Table Design by Heinrich Designs Calgary

Coffee Table

Mappa burl wood and clear resin coffee table.

Pergola by Heinrich Designs Calgary

Parametric Pergola

Parametric Pergola 17.5mm Baltic birch posts and top interlocking joints. Painted/ stained any colour.

Round Table by Heinrich Designs Calgary

Round Table

Round walnut table. 44” diameter 30” high black walnut, black tinted resin. Walnut legs.

Cow Table

Solid Surface Oak Table

A gorgeous table made from a combination of solid white meganite and oak veneer.

Engraving of a Lion

Lion Engraving

When we find those rare, beautiful pieces of wood we try to find something fun and unique to do with them.

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