Discover Parametric Design

Discover Parametric Design! Take a look at the process of creating custom parametric furniture. This example uses a Parametric Pergola. But the process is the same no matter what kind of furniture or installation piece you’re having us create for you.

A simple sketch soon turns into the start of something bigger and real.

1. Idea Stage

Your custom parametric creation starts with your idea. It can be anything – furniture, a wall hanging, shelves, or a large wall-mounted installation piece. Whether you provide us with a sketch, or we draw one up based on our discussions with you.  

2. Design 3-D Rendering Stage

The next step is the essential design stage. This stage takes the most time. We create a number of 3-D renderings in a variety of software application. The number of drawings and programs used depends on what the goal is.

As we create the framework for the design, we meet with you to refine the design and start bringing to life.
3D Rendering of a Pergola Design
Some of the precisely designed and measured components for a custom pergola.

3. Designing Individual Parts

Once we have the design down and everyone has a smile on their face, we start to create the files to make the parts and pieces.

4. Manufacturing The Parts

Manufacturing takes place in our Calgary facility. The parameters created in the design process are now entered into automation systems to create the separate components.

Here we start to see all the parts come to life.

Custom Pergola by Heinrich Designs in Calgary

The Finished Product

The completed pergola. What started as an idea followed by a meticulous design and manufacturing process, and resulting in a one-of-a-kind product. 

The entire collaborative process can take anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the piece. 

What would you like to create?

Have an idea? Want a variation of something you see on our website, or have a picture of a piece you like from anywhere else? Let’s talk about it.

You can reach us at 587-956-7400. Or click the button to access a custom work form.