Parametric Designs Canada

Parametric Furniture and Designs.

The team at Heinrich Designs create unique parametric furniture and installations. Our designs are manufactured in Calgary and featured in spaces around the world. Discover what we can create for you! 

Custom Made Chair Calgary
Custom Furniture Calgary Alberta

Large Parametric Bench

The Heinrich Designs parametric bench is ideal for a public space entryway. Crafted from Baltic Birch and finished with rubio exterior or interior grade clear finish.


Parametric Pergola

A modern and innovative parametric Pergola. Our design stands 9′ in height and can be stained in any colour.

Custom made pergolas Calgary
Custom Round Table Calgary Alberta

Round Walnut Table

This gorgeous round walnut table will add warmth and style to any room. Black walnut, Black tinted resin, walnut leg.


Birch Parametric Chair

A comfortable and striking 15mm parametric chair. Created using with baltic birch with exterior grade lacquer finish.

Custom Chair Calgary Alberta

Parametric Creations Made Just For You

We custom make parametric furniture and installation pieces on request. Anything you can imagine - we can create. Contact us today to make a memorable statement in your home or business with parametric furniture or installation piece.